EU Hopes to Work in Renewable Energy Projects in Libya

oil and gas - July 4, 2021

Bani Walid, 3 July 2021(Lana) The EU has expressed hope that it can transfer its expertise in renewable energy and work in Libya on these projects.

The EU Mission in Libya said, in a report posted to its SMS page, that in view of the constant power outage a large number of Europeans were keen to invest in renewable energy projects in Libya particularly the solar energy.

Over the last decade, the EU worked on generating energy from renewable sources, the Mission said, indicating that in 2020, the power generated from renewable sources was more than that from fossil fuel for the first time.

The Mission said the EU was committed to international development and combat of climate change, we want to transfer our expertise in renewable energy to other countries, and we hope we can work on such projects with Libya soon.


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