Attorney General taking action to protect the Electricity Company

oil and gas - July 1, 2021

Libya’s Attorney General Sideeg Al-Sour revealed that his Office had started procedures to question or arrest all those accused of being involved in obstructing the work of the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) during the month of June.

The revelation came during his meeting on Monday with the top management of GECOL at his office.

He also revealed that those who are accused of refusing to allow for the equitable distribution of power loads and those who harass or attack GECOL personnel and those who participated in stealing or damaging GECOL’s assets will also be brought in for questioning.

The Attorney General also revealed that he had asked the security forces to come up with an implementable security plan to protect GECOL assets and personnel.

Two weeks of sweltering heat result in increased power cuts

The meeting comes on the back of two weeks of extremely high temperatures in Libya leading to even longer power cuts. This has led to increased criticism over the last weeks of Prime Minister Aldabaiba for failing to live up to his promises. He had promised that reducing power cuts would be one of his priorities.


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