UNDP to install solar backup power at Libyan Korean Vocational Training Centre

finance & economy - June 9, 2021

The UNDP is to install a solar backup power system at the Libyan Korean Vocational training Centre. It said the project will contribute to quality education through renewable energy in Libya.

The Centre in Tripoli provides vocational training for young people from all regions of the country, where they acquire skills that help them start their own businesses or increase their chances of getting better jobs.

The Centre also produces personal protective equipment consisting of masks, gloves and gowns, which are distributed to more than 80 health centres across Libya. The UNDP said frequent power outages do not allow the centre to operate in good conditions as it causes interruption of training courses and production of medical equipment from time to time.

Hence, a solar powered backup system will soon be installed allowing trainees to attend classes and practical courses in much better conditions.

The project is financed through the Libya Stabilization Fund with the support of 13 international partners and the Libyan government. The UNDP says that through this project it is contributing to the response to the Covid19 pandemic on one hand, and promoting employment opportunities for young people on the other.


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