Maltese delegation visits Benghazi: reopening consulate, resumption of flights, marine lines and business delegation visit in June discussed

government - May 20, 2021

A Maltese delegation headed by its Deputy Foreign Minister Christopher Cutajar and ambassador to Libya Charles Saliba visited Benghazi yesterday.

The Maltese delegation met the city’s Mayor, Chamber of Commerce and the eastern branch of the Privatization and Investment Board (PIB) and Benghazi port.

The PIB reported the Maltese delegation announced the opening of the Maltese consulate in Benghazi and the discussion of the resumption of Air Malta flights, the launch of maritime lines and the holding of several joint exhibitions to facilitate the flow of commercial relations.

The PIB made a presentation of its functions and investment law as well as some strategic projects and investment opportunities in the eastern region.

An explanation of and presentation on Benghazi’s Elmreisa Free Zone (EFZ) project was also made.

Libyan Business Council – eastern branch

Participating in the meeting, the eastern branch of the Libyan Business Council reported that expanded discussions on the prospects for cooperation and joint investment in the EFZ and PIB took place. These included proposed projects in the fields of agriculture, industry, alternative energy, information technology and facilitating the movement of people and goods between Malta and Libya.

The LBC also indicated aspects of possible investment projects and opportunities in many sectors in the coastal and southern region, including agricultural, service and production projects, and transit trade, and the LBC’s readiness to cooperate and activate a joint Libyan-Maltese business council.

Benghazi port

During the tour of and meeting with Benghazi Port Authority, cooperation in the field of maritime training for Libyan maritime cadres and the electronic management of ports were discussed.

The Maltese

For its part, the Libyan sides reported that the Maltese delegation expressed its gratitude for being able to meet with all these different economic entities, to support Benghazi.

They expressed their desire to strengthen cooperation to achieve the common interest with the PIB, EFZ, Libyan Business Council and Benghazi Port Authority and promised to bring delegations specialized in the fields of economy, investment and business to Benghazi in June as the next step is to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the economic and investment fields.

The Maltese delegation confirmed that there are will be subsequent visits by the Maltese Maritime Authorities to sign memoranda of agreement on cooperation and exchange of information with the Libyan Maritime Authorities.


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