Libya participates in AFRICOM forces training in Tunisia

finance & economy - May 17, 2021

Foreign delegations and ships arrived in Tunisia on Saturday to take part in the multilateral naval exercise of AFRICOM from May 16 to 28 along the country's northern coasts.

“The exercise will be in partnership with the American Command for Africa, with the participation of four military ships belonging to the Sea Army, five foreign military ships, and 130 officers from 12 countries, including Libya”, Tunisia’s Nessma TV said on its official website.

It also indicated that the aim of the exercise is to train the participating marines to lead and implement a joint maritime operation, to resist illegal activities at sea and to develop their skills through the exchange of experiences between them.

In addition, a health protocol for the exercise was prepared to prevent the spread of the
Coronavirus, to ensure the success factors for this exercise in light of the epidemiological situation in the country.


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