Zain staff take part in 18th Omrah trip

telecom - October 28, 2022

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, recently concluded the 18th Omrah trip for employees and their families, taking them in a special visit to the Sacred House in Makkah at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The initiative aimed at enriching bonding and closeness between Zain employees out of the workplace.

Zain organizes this trip and other similar programs periodically to cater to its employees’ spiritual needs. The trip was joined by many Zain employees who were accompanied by their family members to the Sacred House in Makkah. Such programs come in line with the company’s internal communications strategy that closely focuses on catering to the Zain workforce’s various needs.

The travelers were accompanied by Sheikh Fahad Al Kandari, Imam of the Kuwait Grand Mosque, who was present throughout the whole trip to share his experiences through lectures and seminars about the rituals of Omrah, Islamic history, and more.

Zain considers its employees the main pillar of its overall success, and thus caters to the many different aspects of their lives. This initiative comes as part of Zain’s commitment towards its human resources, especially after the positive feedback it received from previous Omrah trips. Zain will always put the development of the cultural and spiritual aspects of its employees at the forefront of its priorities.


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