Tourism: Algeria, new destination for Libyans, massive influx of Libyans recorded

tourism - July 28, 2022

ALGIERS- The image of a beautiful, modern and welcoming Algeria, conveyed by the Mediterranean games organized last month, ended up seducing hundreds of foreigners wishing to experience the Algerian adventure.

Algerian borders, this summer, are experiencing a large influx of Libyan tourists, compared to Tunisians arriving through the Umm Taboul border post.

The same source revealed that the number of Libyan tourists is doubling and a continuous flow is known, especially to the eastern provinces, including, among others, El Tarf and Annaba. The Algerians, on the other hand, expressed their joy at receiving their Libyan brothers, expressing their hope that more Libyans would flock to Algeria.

Luxurious cars, 4x4s and large sedans, registered in Libya, are storming the Algerian-Tunisian borders. Their photos and videos are making the “buzz” on the Web.

Libyan YouTuber, Mohamed Alselini, aka Rahalista, in Algeria

Following the opening of the Algerian-Tunisian borders, the Libyan YouTuber, Mohamed Alselini, aka Rahalista, for his part, organized a trip to Algeria to promote tourism in the country.

Indeed, after the music industry, it is the turn of the digital world to contribute to the promotion of tourism in Algeria. Expert in travel videos, Rahalista has, therefore, recently created the event by crossing the Algerian borders. He shared his adventure in Algeria. Equipped with his camera, the YouTuber aims to make people discover the different cultures of our country.

On a trip to Algeria, Rahalista meets his Algerian counterpart, Khoubaib Kouas

Mohamed Alselini was warmly welcomed, more particularly, by his Algerian counterpart, Khoubaib Kouas. Lovers of travel, the two (2) travel vloggers embarked on an adventure in the streets of the “city of suspension bridges”, Constantine. The Libyan tourist said he had enjoyed the view above the great Rock.

The heart and eyes of Mohamed Alselini then swing between the beauty of Constantine and the friendliness of its inhabitants.

After visiting Constantine, Rahalista announced that he was heading for a new Algerian region with the aim to contribute to the development of the tourism industry in Algeria.


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