Libyan universities have a role in promoting the national reconciliation project in the country.

finance & economy - June 30, 2022

Tripoli, June 29, 2022 (LANA) - Member of the Presidential Council 'Abdullah Al-Lafi' stressed the importance of the role of Libyan universities in promoting the national reconciliation project in the country.

This came during his meeting today, Wednesday, in Tripoli, with a number of heads of Libyan universities, in person and via video technology, to discuss the national reconciliation project, as a step of the community participation steps stipulated in the strategic vision of the project, according to what was published by 'Al-Lafi' on his official page on Facebook.

Al-Lafi explained that the success of this project comes through the contribution of academics and researchers to enrich it, and to provide an in-depth scientific addition, which contributes to the success of the national reconciliation project.

He added that the involvement of universities in this project would expand the circle of community participation, stressing that our universities include thousands of faculty members, and hundreds of thousands of students, and they are the Sunni segment on which the reconciliation project depends.

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