Authorities launch security operation to hunt down human traffickers and smugglers

government - June 20, 2022

Commander in the Stabilization Support Service, Hassan Abu Zariba, announced the launch of a large-scale security operation targeting illegal immigration groups, as well as drug and fuel dealers along the western coastal region.

'The Stabilization Support Service and the Naval Division of the Anti-Illegal Migration Agency will carry out the first operation of its kind in the region extending from Tripoli to the coasts of Zuwara,' Abu Zariba said in a televised statement on Saturday.

He also noted that the maritime boundary with the Tunisian side would be sealed off, vowing to hand over the persons arrested to the Public Prosecutor within 24 hours.

The Coast Guard of the western sector announced a few days ago that the marine point in Abu Kammash, west of Zuwara, is out of their control, calling on the security authorities to intervene as the migration flow and fuel smuggling operations in the area are on the rise.


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