Leprosy identified in Tripoli for the first time

healthcare - April 27, 2022

Health officials in Tripoli are investigating at least three suspected cases of Leprosy which have been recorded in the capital, a source told Libyan Express.

Beer Osta Hospital’s team of board-certified dermatologists say samples from the three suspected patients have been taken for clinical analysis.

The Head of the National Center for Disease Control, Haider Al-Sayeh, called on Libyans not to be afraid, explaining that Leprosy is an endemic disease in Libya, and revealing a plan adopted by the National Center for Disease Control to eradicate the infectious bacterial disease from the country.

Leprosy is a chronic, progressive bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae that primarily affects the nerves of the extremities, the lining of the nose, and the upper respiratory tract.


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