Libya demands the restoration of the ancient (2000) year old Elgin marble columns from the British Windsor Garden

tourism - April 26, 2022

LONDON, April 25, 2022 (LANA) - Lawyers representing the Libyan state officially demanded from the administration of the Queen’s Estate, which oversees the “Windsor” park, west of the British capital, London, to return the Libyan artifacts represented by the “Elgin marble columns” found in the park.

Lawyers seeking to return 2,000-year-old columns from Windsor Park to the ancient site of Leptis Magna near Tripoli said nothing was off the table, including lawsuits.

A lawyer for the Libyan state confirmed, according to British media, that the columns were stolen and must be returned as a matter of moral obligation, or provide evidence that they were not stolen, noting that the artifacts were illegally taken by British officials in the 19th century.

British media noted that Libyan officials could fight a legal battle in the UK courts, or the International Court of Justice, to secure the ornate assortment of stone and marble columns.

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