Libya reviews Tunisian experience in organizing supply and distribution of medicines and medical equipment and determining their prices

healthcare - April 11, 2022

Libya’s Ministry of Economy and Trade reviewed the Tunisian experience in organizing the supply and distribution of medicines and medical equipment, and determining their prices

The evaluation took place during a meeting held in Tunisia on Friday, April 1, which included the advisor to the Minister of Economy and Trade, Shader Essid and the Director of the Department of Pharmacy and Medical Equipment, Laila El-Araby, with the Director General of the Tunisian Central Pharmacy, Bachir Al-Irmani.

During the meeting, the attendees were briefed on the mechanism adopted in Tunisia, the controls in force in the distribution and sale of medicines and medical equipment, and the organization of companies supplying them through the competent Tunisian authorities.

The mechanism for granting licenses and promoting foreign companies to sell medicine in Tunisia at a rate of 12.5% ​​less than the wholesale price in its country of origin and the extent to which it could be applied in Libya – was also discussed

The two sides agreed to organize joint activities with the aim of enhancing cooperation and exchanging experiences in the field of manufacturing medicines and medical equipment and organizing supply and distribution operations in the local market.


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