Head of Government of National Unity follows up on work of Ministry of Education

government - January 12, 2022

Tripoli, 11 January 2022 (Lana) The Head of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Al-Dbeiba, on Tuesday followed up on work of the Ministry of Education and held an extensive meeting in the presence of the Acting Mininister of education Ahmed Bukhzam and the ministry's undersecretaries for educational affairs, office affairs and directorates affairs and the heads of departments and centers.

Bukhzam welcomed the Prime Minister and the decision to increase the salaries of employees in this sector, approved by the Government of National Unity, which reflected positively on the progress and performance of the educational process.

The education sector is a large sector that involves nearly 2,800,000 students and about 600,000 employees and teachers, Bukhzam said, adding that he suffers from some bottlenecks that need government intervention.

The Minister of Education stressed that the problem of the availability of textbooks is on its way to being solved and that the first shipment of the book has reached the city of Ajdabiya, expressing his thanks to the ministerial committee formed by the government and that textbooks will be in stores soon. Bukhzam pointed out that there are some problems and bottlenecks, including the maintenance of educational institutions, which began to appear on social media pages, including Al-Araban School, where in this regard the Department of Educational Facilities was assigned to visit this school and it turned out to be a school built with a hard effort and halfway between two schools the distance between them does not exceed 2 kilometers and that the number of students in it does not exceed 100 students and the possibility of transferring them to other schools is easy and this is what we did.


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