In its statement on revenue and spending for the year 2021: The Central Bank confirms that customers’ cash withdrawals for the year 2021 have exceeded 35 billion dinars

banking - January 6, 2022

Tripoli, January 05, 2021 (LANA) - The Central Bank of Libya revealed today, Wednesday, that it has achieved a great achievement and a remarkable improvement in providing cash liquidity to all bank branches in the regions of Libya.

The Central Bank added in its statement regarding foreign exchange revenues, uses and liquidity during the period from 1-1-2021 to 12-31-2021 that customers’ cash withdrawals exceeded 35 billion dinars, while what was supplied by banks to the issuance departments of the Central Bank of Libya amounted to 9 billion dinars.

The statement explained that the volume of general trading decreased by 6.3 billion dinars, and bank branches maintained liquidity in their coffers estimated at 2.7 billion dinars, according to the text of the statement.

On the other hand, the bank's statement confirmed that shipments sent by air to bank branches in the eastern region amounted to 2.2 billion dinars, and to banks in the southern region 1.6 billion dinars.