National Oil Corporation committee begins to accept applications of job seekers in several cities

oil and gas - January 3, 2022

Gharyan 2 January , 2022 (Lana) - A committee from the National Oil Corporation has started accepting applications of young job seekers and university graduates at Noufusa mountain cities, headed by the head of the committee, 'Juma Tabika' within the institution's contribution and efforts in training and qualifying young people and university graduates.

The committee held a meeting at the headquarters of the Gharyan Labour and Rehabilitation Office, in the presence of the Gharyan Labour Office and the Chairman of the Emergency and Services Committee in the municipality of Gharyan, during which it discussed the steps and the mechanism for accepting the files of job seekers whose names are registered with the system of the National Oil Corporation, and the labor and rehabilitation offices of university graduates and residents of the cities (Gheryan - Yafran - Al-Urban - Zintan - Nalut - Ghadames).

The head of the Job Seekers Files Committee, Juma Tabika, told the Libyan News Agency reporter that the committee will start accepting files through the link, starting from, Sunday, 02/01/2022, and until Thursday, 01/06/2022.


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