Reuters: Oil prices increase amid fears of hindrances to Libya production

oil and gas - September 15, 2021

Reuters said the remarkable six-week highest increase of oil prices came amid of fears that Libya's oil production would be suspended.

Reuters reported an engineer at Al-Hariqa oil port in Libya as saying that protesters were still blockading the port while the National Oil Corporation said it had resumed exports at As Sidr and Ras Lanuf ports since last Friday.

A protester at the Oi Crescent region denied Monday that the strike had ended, saying it would go on until demands are materialized.

Local media said Monday that pro-Haftar Petroleum Facilities Guard commander, Naji Al-Maghrabi, met with protesters' representatives and agreed to end the strike to resume oil exports.

The protesters had been demanding jobs for local residents at the Oil Crescent region and calling for the change of the National Oil Corporation's board of directors. They closed Ras Lanuf, and As Sidr ports last week.


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