Brega completes maintenance to Tripoli International Airport fuel depot using local personnel

aviation - September 5, 2021

Brega Marketing Company, the wholly owned National Oil Corporation subsidiary mandated with importing and distributing fuel in Libya, announced yesterday that it had completed the maintenance of the Tripoli International Airport aeronautic fuel depot.

Earlier, it had announced that it had completed the maintenance of a diesel storage tank.

Brega said the Tripoli International Airport maintenance and rehabilitation work conducted exclusively with local personnel included work on all tanks, pumps and operational equipment that were damaged by numerous armed clashes around the airport.

This will provide storage capacity up to 3,000 m3 of jet kerosene which will supply the Mitiga airport jet fuel depot for the use of airliners. This, Brega added, will eliminate the risk and high transportation costs that it used to incurred because of the process of transporting kerosene from Misrata and Zawia depots.

Brega said its next goal is to develop the Janzour depot to act as a receiving and storage point, thus securing the needs of the capital Tripoli and the surrounding areas with oil derivatives and providing a strategic stockpile that covers their needs for months.

15 million litre diesel tank maintained

Last Tuesday, Brega had announced that it had succeeded in the maintenance of its tank No. 60 to allocate it to storing diesel fuel and with a storage capacity of 15 million litres, through the 10-inch supply lines from the Zawia oil depot.

Brega said these projects came within the company’s framework of conducting all maintenance wherever possible to all tanks, pipelines and surface equipment relying solely on local personnel.


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