Upon instructions from Attorney General, Interior Ministry tries to impose rule of law by reclaiming state-owned lands in Sabrata

real estate - June 23, 2021

In implementation of the instructions of the Attorney General, a force from the Interior Ministry’s Tripoli Law Enforcement Administration Branch, supported by the Agricultural Police patrols, launched a drive to control incursions and violations on state-owned lands in the city of Sabratha.

The Interior Ministry reported that a number of illegally occupied lands and random building were seized, as well as an earth mover that was used to level land.

The head of the Investigation Office in the Tripoli Law Enforcement Administration branch opened statements on these attacks and took all legal measures, the Ministry reported.

It will be recalled that a drive to reimpose the rule of law in Tripoli has also been taking place where numerous illegally built commercial premises on public land have been destroyed.


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