Egyptian Civil Aviation delegation visits Mitiga and Misrata airports – to visit Benghazi’s Benina airport next

aviation - June 2, 2021

A delegation from the Egyptian Civil Aviation authority visited Mitiga last Sunday and Misrata airport today, Libya’s Airports Authority reported.

The Mitiga visit included a field inspection by the delegation of the airport to determine its readiness for the resumption of flights between Libyan airports to Cairo International Airport. Flights are already serving Alexandria airport.

The Egyptian delegation was accompanied by a Libyan team assigned by the Minister of Transport, consisting of the Civil Aviation Authority, the Airports Authority, and Libyan and African Airlines.

Misrata airport

Today, the Egyptian delegation visited Misrata airport again to ascertain its readiness for the resumption of flights with Cairo airport.

The Airports Authority reported that the delegation then set off to Benina airport.


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