Ministry of Housing and Construction launches war rubble clearance programme

real estate - April 6, 2021

Libya’s Ministry of Housing and Construction has launched a war rubble and ruins clearance programme in coordination with the General Works Company in the war-affected southern areas of Tripoli.

As part of the plan, the Minister of Housing and Construction, Abubaker Alghawi, conducted a field visit last Monday (29 March), to the war-affected areas of Ain Zara and Abu Sleem.

The Minister oversaw the start of the removal rubble of the remnants of war, so as to alleviate the suffering of the citizens in the area.

The work has commenced according to the following plan:

  • Creating and opening a new path for the Project and (cement) Mixers areas.
  • Work is underway to open paths, prepare roads, and transport remnants of war in several locations in Ain Zara.


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