North Korea expresses desire to send workers to Libya in health and construction sectors

healthcare - March 7, 2021

North Korea has expressed its desire to send workers to Libya in the health and construction sector.

The expression was made during a meeting between the Tripoli Minister of Labour, Al-Mahdi Al-Amin, discussed and the North Korean Ambassador, Zamujin Geo, at the Ministry in Tripoli.

The ambassador referred to his country’s general desire to send Korean workers to work in Libya, especially in the medical and auxiliary fields, and in the fields of building and construction.

For his part, the Minister stressed the cooperative relations between the two friendly countries, indicating that the role of the Ministry of Labour is to regulate the Libyan labour market and fill the labour deficit in some fields in the Libyan labour market from some friendly countries, adding that it will put the Ambassador in contact with the Ministry of Health and some companies working in the field of building and construction to respond to this request.


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