NOC files lawsuit in the US to retrieve cost of an armored Chevrolet

oil and gas - February 13, 2021

The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) has lodged a lawsuit against US-based Alpine Armoring Inc. at a Texas court for failing a contract in which the NOC paid full costs for a Chevrolet armored Suburban HD3500 in 2019 but has never received the SUV yet.

Africa Intelligence website said the NOC accused the American firm of violating the terms of the contract that says the $371.000 Chevrolet should be delivered to NOC, for its Chairman Mustafa Sanallah, in February, but it turned out that the firm has no US commercial license for exports to Libya.

Libya's NOC calls, through its team of attorneys in Houston, Texas, for the reimbursement of the entire cost of the Suburban SUV as well as shipping and other costs, while Alpine Armoring Inc. said Houston court isn't the right legal venue to hear this lawsuit.


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