Detained Libyan Airlines plane released from Misrata airport

aviation - February 3, 2021

Libyan Airline plane detained after making a maintenance trip to Misrata has been released according to reports by channel 218.

All flights in the eastern region were completely halted due to the suspension of their only aircraft, the spokesperson for Libyan Airlines stated that the company holds airport management for all delays caused by this incident.

The release of the aircraft comes after several Libyan Airline employees issued a statement threatening to halt all flights at Benghazi’ Benina Airport if their demands to release the aircraft detained in Misrata are not met immediately.

The statement also included demands from aviation employees to release their salaries, which have delayed for a year.

In relevant news, earlier in the week, Libyan Airlines’ CEO, Hamid Kahled Asbaga announced that an agreement is currently being drawn up to unify the company’s board of directors.


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