Spanish companies make presentations to Airports Authority delegation

aviation - January 28, 2021

Several Spanish companies made presentations to the Libyan Airports Authority (LAA) delegation visiting the Spanish capital Madrid on Tuesday (26 January), the LAA reported.

The aim of the trip is to meet companies specialized in the airports sector to benefit from their experience in the fields of studies, consultations, implementation of projects, provision of operating systems and training in the field of airport operation, the LAA said.

A group of leading Spanish companies specialized in several areas related activities made detailed visual presentations to the delegation, through which they explain the products, capabilities and services that can be provided to Libyan airports, including companies specializing in design, construction, studies, development, equipping, and provision of operational requirements for airports, engineering consultancy and training.

Field visits

The LAA delegation also visited on Wednesday some factories specialized in airport processing, to find out their capabilities and products.

This included Ulma, a company the LAA has contracted to supply conveyor belts and weighting systems, which will be installed in some of LAA airports.


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