Civil Aviation Authority calls on airlines to immediately stop increase of domestic and international ticket prices

aviation - January 18, 2021

Tripoli 16 January 2021 (Lana) - The head of the Civil Aviation Authority in the Government of National Accord, Eng. Mustafa Bin-Ammar, called on Libyan airlines to immediately suspend work with the decision increasing the price of air tickets on domestic and international flights.

The official page of the Aviation Authority published the text of the correspondence sent by its head to the directors of Libyan Airlines, Afriqiyah Airways, Al-Buraq Airlines, Libya Air, and Libyan Wings.

In his correspondence, the head of the authority indicated that the procedure is contrary to the orders issued not to raise the value of the wages and prices of air transportation except by referring to the Civil Aviation Authority, whether the prices of tickets for domestic or international flights, in order to study them and then approve them, asking them immediately to stop work with any new prices on their flights.

He pointed out that the increase in ticket prices without referring to the Civil Aviation Authority is contrary to the law and the regulation of economic regulation of civil aviation activities, and is considered a violation of Article 118 of the Civil Aviation Law No.(6 /2005. Air ticket prices have increased in recent days, after the Central Bank of Libya's decision to unify the rate of exchange.


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