Express bus service to resume from Tripoli to eastern Libya and Cairo on Friday

auto - December 22, 2020

The state General Company for Express (passenger) Transportation announced yesterday the start of its service to eastern Libya and on to Egypt.

Operation of trips will depart at 7am from its Al-Dhahra station in Tripoli to Benghazi, Tobruk and on to Cairo. They will start next Friday (25 December).

Tickets to Cairo will cost LD 315, to Tobruk LD 70, Benghazi LD 50, and to Ajdabiya LD 40.

The announcement presupposes that the coastal road that runs west to east from the Tunisian border to the Egyptian border will be reopened between Misrata and Sirte.

It had been closed during the war on Tripoli and the 5+5 Military Committee is negotiating its official reopening as part of the wider UNSMIL-led Libyan political process (Libyan Political Dialogue Forum -LPDF).


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