EU Mission in Libya: Libyans Deserve Stability And Concession Have to be Made by All

government - November 19, 2020

Tripoli, 18 November 2020(Lana) The Head of EU Mission in Libya Jose Sabadell has said the marine operation Irini is focused on imposing an arms embargo, preventing oil smuggling and providing training and blocking human trafficking.

The EU fully supports the peace process in Libya including in the area of security, the EU official said in press statements, adding that the Operation Irini focus is on imposing the arms embargo and preventing oil smuggling and trafficking.

He congratulated the Libyan people on the progress on the Tunis talks saying the agreement on holding elections was a step in the right direction towards the needed change. 'Time has come for everyone to put the interests of Libya first and be prepared to give concessions to achieve peace which Libyan need and indeed deserve.


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