Misrata Free Zone meets Serbian Undersecretary of Construction with BIM construction company

real estate - June 23, 2022

At the invitation of the Misrata Free Zone (MFZ), the Chairman of the MFZ and its Director of the Technical Affairs Department received a delegation comprising the Serbian Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction, the Executive Director of ‘‘BIM’’, and several BIM engineers, the MFZ reported Monday.

MFZ reported that BIM is the company that designed and executed the Misrata seaport during the first phases in 1978 and the second phase in 1982, in addition to implementing several ports and other marine facilities in Libya during that period.

According to MFZ, BIM is the largest company in the field of marine and waterway construction in Serbia and has a long history of implementing port and marine facilities construction projects in several countries in the world, including Serbia, Russia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bangladesh, India, Tunisia and Libya.


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