Benghazi Municipality announces project to update the general plan and expansions of the city’s metropolis

finance & economy - May 18, 2022

The Municipality of Benghazi announced the initiation of the implementation of the project of modernizing the general plan and expansions of the city’s metropolis on Sunday.

At a conference held at the Tibisti hotel attended by the leading figures of the city, Greek Ambassador to Libya, Ioannis Stamatekos, and representatives of the Greek company contracted to conduct the project, LEED Consulting Company.

The project aims to modernize and develop the Benghazi urban plan, which the Municipality said will have many positive results. The most important of these are urban planning and the upgrading of residential slums so that they become fully serviced residential neighbourhoods.

These are to include infrastructure such as drainage networks, sanitary, water, electricity, roads, public transport, lakes, water channels, and service facilities, including various educational, health, sports and service institutions.


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