TAC Clocks Five, Launches New Product Lines

healthcare - May 7, 2022

Skincare facility, The Aesthetic Clinic (TAC) has marked its fifth anniversary, just as its unveiled the ‘Rejuva Studio’ as part of its expansion plans.

The event held amid pomp and fanfare and had in attendance industry experts, celebrities, skincare manufacturers, high profile clients and well-wishers among other stakeholders.

Sharing the journey of the organisation in the last five years, Founder of TAC, Ifeoma Abajue stated that the organisation had been able to maintain an upward trajectory in terms of growth, despite tough competition.

She expressed appreciation to consumers who have been part of the organisation’s success story in half a decade, adding that quality and solutions have remained the core value of the institute.

Abajue expressed optimism in the sector to raise the Nigeria’s economy if given needed support, however worried that the spread of quacks and lack of committed and qualified workforce were stifling sector growth.

On her part, Director and Educator at TAC, Dr. Eyitope Ibare- Jones stated that in addition to effect on economy, the health implications of patronizing quacks are adverse.

She said, “While some skin types are predisposed to diseases naturally, some are self-induced as a result of people’s choice of product. Sadly, most of the so called organics people opt for contain dangerous ingredients and harmful dose of chemicals that are more destructive to the skin- which is the only body protection. It is also advisable that those that are naturally predisposed to skin problem should go for routine treatment to reduce their vulnerability to skin issues.”

She called for strict regulation of the industry to contain unprofessionalism.

Speaking on the new Rejuva studio, Abajue said, “As much as we plan to expand our client base, we simply want to be seen as a solution to skin problems while making ourselves affordable. It is a known fact that aesthetic clinic is more advanced and expensive, this is why we are launching the Rejuva studio to make our services affordable and accessible to the masses.

“With Rejuva studio, we want to offer services and our own product lines as we will be focusing on darker skin types. We will be providing quality services just as the aesthetic clinic but cater more to everybody since the product lines will be cheaper because we will be producing in-house”.

Speaking, the exhibitor who is also a medical doctor, Dr. Fola David explained that the arrangement was a collaboration with TAC to make people appreciate their skin types with or without challenges.


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