Maintenance work continues for annual overhaul of Zawia Oil Refinery.

oil and gas - November 30, 2021

Zawia, 29 November, 2021 (Lana) - The annual overhaul work continues to maintain the units of the first unit at the Zawia Oil Refinery with the aim of reaching the target production rates, reducing unscheduled shutdowns and maintaining the operational life of the refinery equipment.

The maintenance includes rebuilding the furnaces (20H1 - 21H6) in addition to some maintenance work associated with the utility units without affecting the operations of the rest of the units.

Eng. Mohamed Emara Al-Mabrouk, Head of the Annual Overhaul Committee, stated that the maintenance team includes a group of highly qualified specialists from the relevant departments to programme and define the requirements of the annual Overhaul work, including spare parts, equipment and technical labour necessary to implement the targeted activities, and to overcome all problems and difficulties to ensure the smooth running of maintenance work. According to the preset timetable.

Emara added that the overhaul works for the improvement units over a period of 26 days, and the rebuilding of the furnaces, which was launched in conjunction with the annual overhaul works, as the reconstruction work takes about 100 days. It is worth noting that the operations of the second unit of the refinery and the two distillation units of the first unit are proceeding normally.


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