LPTIC’s LTT sponsors Al-Swaihili Volleyball club

telecom - December 15, 2020

Libya Telecoms and Technology (LTT), Libya’s main state internet provider and a subsidiary of the main telecoms state holding company, Libyan Post Telecommunication and IT Holding Company (LPTIC) announced Thursday (10 December) that it is sponsoring Al-Swaihili Volleyball Club in Tripoli.

The LPTIC said that this is part of its efforts to ensure Libyan teams are able to participate in international competition.

Attending the signing ceremony, LPTIC Chairman, Faisel Gergab, stressed the importance of developing Libyan sporting clubs and called on other organizations to do the same. He said, ‘‘we need to take care of all sporting games. Libyan clubs are full of talented players and LPTIC will not spare an effort to support youths and sports’’.

On 8 December, LPTIC through its Al-Madar and Libyan mobile phone companies, signed sponsorship deals with Tripoli’s Al-Ittihad football club and Al-Ahly Tripoli and Benghazi football clubs respectively.

LPITC said the sponsorships are part of its corporate social responsibility programme for capacity building. It added that the participation in regional and international tournaments rallies all Libyan people around local participating clubs and helps enhance bonding of Libyan social fabric.


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