Blood bank calls for urgent donors

healthcare - November 23, 2020

Muscat: The need for blood units at hospitals across the country has been more or less stable, if not increasing, thanks to less road accidents during the pandemic.

However, the supply of blood has been badly affected in the recent past and it has come down by 40 per cent and is likely to continue given the long weekend which is fast approaching.

The Central Blood Bank has called upon both citizens and expatriates to support the central system from where blood units are supplied to all healthcare facilities which need urgent blood.

“The blood stocks at the Central Blood Bank are low, and we are calling upon blood donors to come forward in view of the long holidays,” said Dr Zainab bint Salim al Araimi, Director of Blood Banks Services at the Ministry of Health, adding that during long weekends too they see less number of donors.

On a given week, the blood bank needs anything around 500 to 700 units, whereas the supply is not at par with the requirement.
“The number of donors is less as some of the donors cannot donate for some reasons,” adds Dr Zainab.

The donor is not able to visit the centre either because he is tested positive for COVID-19 or is afraid of contracting the virus if they are exposed to medical instruments which is in fact an unfounded fear.

The blood bank has also renewed its call to organisations and NGOs in the country to consider blood donation camps in view of the depleting stocks.
“We urge all associations and NGOs to initiate blood donation drives and educate the members to donate and take part in the national life-saving mission in the wake of shortage in the supply.”
Any adult between the age brackets of 18-60 years, who is not suffering from any communicable disease or who is not chronically ill
can visit the Department of Blood Services in Bausher between 8 am to 8 pm and donate blood.
One can get in touch with the centre on WhatsApp 94555648‬ or by calling 24591255 and fix up an appointment.
The department has taken all necessary measures to protect donors visiting the Central Blood Bank including social distancing policy, and the number of donors at each time is restricted by pre-booking.


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