Aman bank claims first Libyan Oracle chatbot customer service

banking - November 10, 2020

Libya’s private sector, Aman bank, claims it is the first bank in Libya to offer the Oracle chatbot customer service.

It says that as part of its drive to improve customer service it is offering its ‘‘Darren’’ instant chat customer service driven by Oracle’s Artificial Intelligence.

Aman bank says clients can talk to a chatbot and the virtual assistant “Darren” in order to request assistance in conducting many banking transactions, such as reviewing bank accounts, balances, products and services, such as opening a cheque account for individuals or companies, loans, and transferring between accounts.

In October, Aman bank also launched its ‘‘Maria’’ virtual phone banking BOT assistant service. They claimed this was a first in Libya too. It can take calls from Libya and abroad as well as in Arabic or English.