Libya’s ranking in e-government drops to 162 in the world

July 18, 2020

Libya’s ranking in e-government dropped to 162 out of 193 in the world, the UN reported in its latest bi-annual world ranking. In 2018 Libya was ranked 140th.

In the Arab world, the UAE ranked first, Bahrain second, Saudi Arabia third place, Kuwait fourth and Oman fifth.

The Public Administration and Development department of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs conducts an e-government survey, which includes a section entitled e-Government Development Index (EGDI).

This is comparative ranking of 193 countries in the world based on three key indicators: the first is the OSI- Online Service, which measures the government’s online presence in terms of service delivery, the second is the Telecommunications Infrastructure Index and the third is the Human Capital Index.

Libya continued to decline in the index, ranking 162nd globally and 14th in the world and scoring 0.37 points in the index, down 22 points from its 2018 rankings.

Libya’s ranking in 2010 is the best it has ranked over the past decade, ranking 114th. It ranked 191st in 2012, 121st in 2014, 118th in 2016 and 140th in 2018.