Zimbabwe to inject US $23m into construction of a new city-Libya

January 30, 2020

The government of Zimbabwe has announced plans to invest US $23m into development of a new city around Mt Hampden. Mr Honesty Magaya made the revelations and said preliminary work that includes drawing the masterplan have already begun.

According to Mr Magaya, the ministries of National Housing and Social Amenities, and Local Government and Public Works are the lead agents through which the preliminary work will be undertaken.

According to the 2020 Zimbabwe Infrastructure Investment Programme, US $13m has been reserved for developing a masterplan, while US $10m will be used for feasibility studies and other primary works. “After the development of the masterplan, the project will move to the next phase which involves layout planning and after all these stages, we will then zero in on the issue of selling commercial stands. The intention is that there will be a separate local authority which will be managing the city,” said Mr. Magaya.

Concept plan of the new city

The concept plan of the development will see the city sit on over 18 000 hectares of land between Mashonaland West and Mashonaland Central provinces. The plan was drawn up with the help of experts from the University of Zimbabwe.

The new city will accommodate Government ministries, Parliament, residential areas, shopping malls, hotels and industries. The new Parliament Building currently under construction in Mt Hampden is the nucleus around which the city will be developed.

The city will be modelled as a smart city, with emphasis on information and communications technology to increase operational efficiency and improve the quality of Government services and citizen welfare. It is also projected to decongest the capital Harare, whose population has exponentially risen from an estimated 616 000 in 1980 to the current 2.2 million.