Construction of a fuel storage and transport system in Uganda, nears completion

September 2, 2019

Construction of a new, magnificent multi-billion fuel storage and transport system in Bugiri/Bukasa village, Uganda is currently 70% complete, and it is expected to be functional next year.

This was revealed by Capt. Mike Mukula, the chairman of Uganda which is an Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Company established for execution of projects, primarily in Oil and Gas sector and that has been contracted to deliver the project.

About the project

This fuel storage and transport system project involves the construction of 14 fuel storage tanks, a couple of 220 meter long jetties and ships.

Capt. Mukula said that so far work on the 14 tanks is 100% complete and the outstanding 30% work for the entire project only accounts for the work remaining on the jetties and ships.

“Once fully functional, the storage tanks will have the capacity to store up to 70 million liters of fuel making the project one of the largest fuel terminals in East and Central Africa. On the other hand, with a speed of up to 10 nautical miles, the jetties are estimated to be delivering fuel within 16 hours while one ship will be able to carry about 200 trailers of fuel.” explained Capt. Mike Mukula.

Expectations for the project

This project is anticipated to ease transportation of fuel from Kampala to Kisumu and vice versa via Lake Victoria. Presently, Petroleum products such as Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene and Jet A1 are transported by road making it costly, and susceptible to contamination, accidents and uncertain supplies.

The tanks are expected to address the challenge of storage shortage in Uganda by storing enough fuel for the country and neighboring states.

There will be provision of both direct and indirect employment to Ugandans and Kenyans as well, thanks to the project.