NOC Chairman briefed on Azzawiya Oil Refining Company activities

April 8, 2019

National Oil Corporation (NOC) Chairman, Eng. Mustafa Sanalla, held a meeting at NOC’s Tripoli headquarters with Mr Ali El Arbi Ganoos, chairman of the Azzawiya Oil Refining Company (ARC) management committee, in the presence of Mr Elamari M. Elamari, NOC board member; Mr Ayad El Zanad, general manager of oil industries; Mr Mustafa Mohamed Khalifa, ARC management committee member for Technical and Engineering Affairs; Mr Mustafa Abulgasem Aoun, ARC management committee member for Operations; and Mr Ali El Saket, ARC management committee member for Financial and Administrative Affairs.

During the meeting, Eng. Sanalla was briefed on current ARC activities across the company’s various facilities, including the refinery complex and Zawiya oil port. The general security situation and challenges facing the company and its employees were also discussed. Parties also reviewed the latest developments regarding administrative procedure facilitation with state sovereign entities – urgently needed by the company.

Chairman Sanalla emphasized the need to enforce occupational health and safety standards, the meeting of the needs of company employees, the provision of necessary training and benefits, as well as adherence to points agreed upon during the company’s General Assembly.