Malta seizes control of Libyan Islamic Center in Valletta over financial debts

March 13, 2019

Malta has seized control of the Valletta-based Libyan Islamic Center of the Islamic Dawa Community in the country as it failed to pay financial dues for over 4 years, media sources reported.

The sources added that the move of the Maltese government is prompted by the community's corrupted bodies which led to freezing its bank accounts and the delay of money transfers to its overseas offices.

The sources added that the Libyan Islamic Center in Malta is very pivotal and one of the oldest schools for Arab and Muslim communities.

The Islamic Dawa Community blamed the Libyan Foreign Bank for the seizure of its properties abroad.

It called on the Presidential Council to stop the hindering stance taken by the Libyan Foreign Bank and order it to unfreeze its assets so it doesn't lose its overseas activities.