South Africa to host e-commerce conference

March 6, 2019

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – South Africa is set to hold this year’s e-Commerce Africa Conference and Exhibition aiming to bring together stakeholders in the e-commerce sector.

Set to be held under the theme ‘Conquering Scale’, the conference is expected to offer participants an opportunity to learn from world-class thought leaders, both from Africa and the rest of the globe, on the innovative strategies that will unlock e-commerce opportunities over the years to come.

DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa’s Vice President for Sales, Steve Burd, said the ongoing partnership between DHL and eCommerce Africa is a good fit, adding that as the market leaders in express logistics in Africa, his company have extensive first-hand experience of the positive impact that ecommerce has on the continent.

“E-commerce growth has a ripple-effect on many other industries on the continent. DHL’s partnership with eCommerce Africa provides us with an additional platform to connect with organisations and help them to understand key logistics considerations, and learn how to plan for and overcome any logistical challenges,” said Burd.

He noted that e-commerce allows entrepreneurs, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to connect with a large customer base and scale up rapidly, which accelerates the need for support services.

Kinetic’s Managing Director Terry Southam, said the collection of thought leaders and the topics under discussion this year are aimed at creating an immediate impact for African ecommerce companies.

“It is quite remarkable to have all of these industry leaders on the same stage – not only willing to share but actively working to grow the industry and ensure African customers receive a world-class online shopping experience,” said Southam.