NOC demands lifting air embargo on its southern fields

March 6, 2019

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) demanded Monday the abolition of the air embargo on its fields in the southern region after the armed group responsible for closing Sharara oil field since last December agreed to leave the site.

'Air transportation and aerial supplying are of paramount importance to the field, especially in cases of medical evacuation,' NOC stressed via its website.

The closure of the Sharara oilfield during the last period have cost the state around 1.8 billion dollars; a loss of about 20 thousand barrels per day, NOC added, confirming that production and export operations will resume within the next few hours, with the possibility of restoring normal production levels in the coming days.

It also underscored that plans are in place to compensate the production losses resulting from looting and sabotage acts during the closure of the field, which is situated deep in the Libyan desert with a capacity of 315 thousand barrels per day.

The NOC refused earlier to lift the force majeure on the Sharara field before evacuating the armed group from the site. It also demanded the abolition of the no-fly zone imposed by the so-called Dignity Operation forces on the southern region.

On February 10, the so-called air force operations room of Hafter's self-styled army prohibited flights to or from airports in the southern region, only after its go-ahead, warning that any aircraft flying in this airspace without permission will be forced to land.