Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority hosts delegation from Russia

March 5, 2019

In collaboration with the leading international travel and tourism company, Coral Travel, and its representative office in Russia, the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) hosted a Russian delegation of 80 representatives of tour operators and travel agencies to attend a series of workshops in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The event, which was attended by approximately 150 people including representatives from 27 hotels from the Kingdom of Bahrain, aimed at developing comprehensive travel packages tailored to the needs of Russian tourists. The event promoted the business aspect of Bahrain in addition to its tourism facilities.

“It gives us great pleasure to host the Russian delegation, which comes as a result of our collaboration with Coral Travel. Hosting the delegation comes in line with the BTEA’s long-term strategy to target new markets and introduce them to the Kingdom’s rich history, attractions and all it has to offer,” said the Chief Executive Officer of BTEA, H.E. Shaikh Khaled bin Humood Al Khalifa.

“We aim to attract large tourist groups by developing comprehensive travel packages suitable for visitors of all ages in collaboration with our representative office in Russia. Our representative offices play a major role in increasing the number of visitors from abroad, further contributing to the development of the Kingdom’s tourism sector and raising awareness on the Kingdom’s diverse offerings that make it an ideal tourist destination,” he added.

During the trip, which took place between the 23rd of February and the 1st of March 2019, participants were able to meet with hotel representatives and visit several locations in Bahrain

Coral Travel also operates two weekly flights from Moscow to Bahrain within a charter program, carrying 220 passengers.

Hosting the trip comes as part of the BTEA’s long term strategy to further develop the Kingdom’s tourism sector on a regional and international level under the slogan of ‘Ours.Yours.’, which contributes towards the Kingdom’s economy and the 2030 Economic Vision.

Since its launch in 1995, Coral Travel has been a leader in the tourism industry and has become a trusted brand with the best resorts and hotels in 36 countries and is constantly seeking to attract new markets. The company also sells airline tickets online and organizes individual and group trips for tourists.