Oman Halal Food Complex planned in Shinas

January 27, 2019

Muscat, JAN 26 – Seeking to capitalise on the exponential growth in global demand for halal food, Oman’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has unveiled plans for a first-of-its-kind Halal Food Complex to help ignite the development of a full-fledged halal food sector in Oman.
The proposed hub will come up on a 580,000 sq metre site in Al Aqar in Wilayat of Shinas (North Al Batinah Governorate). Conceived as an integrated cluster dedicated to the production of a wide array of halal food, beverage and assorted products, the facility is designed to attract investments across the entire value and logistics chain, encompassing production, cultivation, slaughtering, processing, warehousing, transportation, and quarantine services.
“The halal industry is growing at a global level both in Islamic and non-Islamic societies. Therefore, the ministry wishes to invite investors interested in the halal industry from the public and private sectors to invest in food systems, including the slaughter of animals and birds in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law, through all stages of the food and consumption chain to ensure the provision of Halal, good and clean food which fulfils the requirements of quality control, safety, public health and ensures food free from forbidden and harmful substances,” the ministry said in a statement.
Expected to invest in the Halal Food hub in Shinas are a mix of investment funds, private companies specialising in halal food production, as well as public sector agencies. Opportunities for investment span the food value chain, including abattoirs, processing plants, warehousing and transportation, and so on, according to the ministry.
The project’s overarching objective, the ministry said, is to engender promising investment opportunities that have an Islamic and non-Islamic demand representing other religions. It will “pay attention to the development of the value chain of halal foods such as red meat, poultry meat, milk, and other products”.
Additionally, the hub will support the introduction of Omani halal food brands, and provide meals for halal products in restaurants, public places and other locations. It will support training and capacity development in the halal food sector. A major role for the private sector is also envisioned in the development and operation of veterinary quarantine facilities, with the ministry providing supervisory oversight.
Importantly, the Shinas complex will also house an Omani Centre for Halal Food, which will be tasked with, among other things, granting halal food certificates, as well as issuing laws and regulations governing all aspects of halal foods in coordination with the relevant authorities.
Initial investment in the Halal Food Complex is estimated at RO 11 million, according to the ministry.