Mission of 23 French companies focuses on rail in Tunisia and Africa

November 6, 2018

(TAP) - Business France Agency, with the support of the Tunisian National Railway Company (SNCFT), in its capacity as President of the African Union of Railways, will organize a technical seminar entitled 'Locomotive Africa - on the road to growth' on November 7 and 8, 2018 in Tunis.

It will be followed by business contact sessions for 23 French companies interested in learning about railway development projects in Tunisia and also in the Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Libya and Morocco.

The French Embassy said Monday in a statement 'this event will rely on the presence of Tunisian authorities and operators and the 6 African countries invited.

It aims to make an inventory of rail infrastructure and also, to know by country, the orientations and investment projects within the framework of the various modernisation plans.

It will lastly seek to present existing funding solutions, in particular on the part of the multilateral funds present in Tunisia and in Africa '.

'Globalisation, marked by the rapid development of trade, accelerated urbanisation and environmental considerations, are all factors that should promote urban railway mobility and freight transport between African countries.

Transport and logistics are important factors of comfort for the population and more generally of competitiveness and attractiveness for a country, which is why the rail has good prospects of development not only in Africa but also on the other continents '.

'We wanted to organise a technical seminar and a mission of French companies of the rail sector in Tunisia because this has country made important investments to develop the rail even if it needs more, on the one hand and the SNCFT, our partner, has acquired with its own talents a quality technical experience, on the other hand,' said Olivier PRADET, Director of Business France office at the French Embassy in Tunisia.

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