Libya’s Afriqiyah Airways pays off repairing dues for its Airbus 319 in Bulgaria

October 22, 2018

Afriqiyah Airways has paid all the financial dues for the maintenance of one of its planes that has been at a Bulgarian repairing center since 2016.

The airliner said in a statement on Sunday that the money transfers for the repairing work of the Lufthansa center in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, have been made in full to save the Airbus319, which has been there since 2016, from being sold in auctions.

“The aircraft will join the company’s fleet very soon so it helps limit the problems the company is facing nowadays.” The airliner said, thanking the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) as well as the Libyan Foreign Bank for understanding the issues the company is suffering from.

It also called for finishing the data needed for the collection of the company’s revenue from all different activities.

“We’re trying to return another Airbus (330) which is now overseas awaiting payment of financial dues to be released.” The statement reads.

Afriqiyah Airways sent three planes to Bulgaria in September 2016 and another plane to Germany in May of the same year for maintenance after being damaged in clashes in the airport in 2014.