Libya needs international boost

October 1, 2018

(MENAFN) The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Libya asked the international community for more support, emphasizing that a harmonized reply was looked-for, and to be directed by the United Nations.

Mohamed Taha Siala, was addressing the General Assembly's annual debate, on behalf of the President of the Council of the Government of National Accord, Faiez Mustafa Serraj, who was ifficult for him to present in New York because of the crisis that the country passing through.

Since the ouster of president Muammar Gadaffi in 2011, the country fall away into factional struggle, extensive unsteadiness and a humanitarian and economic crisis. This month, thousands of citizens in Tripoli, had to escape heavy struggling between militias, as basic facilities such as electricity and water provisions, broke down.

Siala recognized that the country remains stuck in violence and terrorist attacks, but pointed to many gains, containing a road map including an approach to national settlement that opens the way to a revamped, modern country.