How Libyan NOC Requests Sanctions over Push From East

July 8, 2018

It is clear as Libya’s Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation (NOC) is asking for U.N. sanctions against 48 individuals and others they accuse of trying to sell oil illicitly in a struggle over the country’s oil wealth.

According to a letter circulated to foreign embassies and the United Nations, and seen by the Media, NOC Chairman, Mustafa Sanalla, described a “surge” in attempts by eastern factions to market oil ahead of them.

By so doing, they are taking control last month of key fields and export terminals.

Since 2014 Western powers and United Nations Security Council resolutions have backed the NOC in Tripoli, the capital, as the sole legitimate producer and seller of Libyan oil.

It warned that illicit exports could lead to further fragmentation of the divided country.

Such an act has deterred buyers and banks wary of dealing with an unrecognised entity.

But Sanalla’s letter and copies of contracts that NOC Tripoli says were passed on by people, involved in oil trading.

Such people alleged that a parallel NOC in the eastern city of Benghazi has stepped up its campaign to market oil under Faraj Said, head of the firm since last August.

“This ‘NOC Benghazi’, headed by Faraj Said, is pursuing a combined strategy, focussed on destabilising NOC, including via illicit exports, contracts and blockades, to ultimately gain control of Libyan oil,’’ Sanalla wrote.

The letter was sent in mid-June, about 10 days before forces loyal to the eastern-based commander, Khalifa Haftar, announced that they would hand east Libyan ports and fields to the Benghazi NOC.