Supporting unified Libya

May 10, 2018

THE LIBYAN National Army led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar on Monday celebrated the fourth anniversary of the “Battle of Dignity” and the graduation of the 51st batch of students of the Military College in Tokara, east of Benghazi. Held at Benina Air Base south of the city, the event was attended by a high-profile Egyptian delegation headed by Major General Mohamed Al-Keshki, assistant Egyptian minister of defence for foreign relations. During the parade the delegation met with Haftar. In his address to the parade Haftar praised the national armed forces and their role in defeating terrorism and extremism of all kinds in Libya.

Back in Cairo on Tuesday at the headquarters of the College of Command and Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces Al-Keshki witnessed a ceremony to mark the graduation of a new batch of officers from western Libya. The graduation comes in the framework of Egypt’s support for Libya, the emphasis on unity and sovereignty and helping to build the Libyan National Army to maintain the unity and security of the country.