Migrants: French pilots buy plane to save lives

May 3, 2018

Two French pilots, Benot Micolon and José Benavente, have bought a small plane - a Colibri MCR-4S model - to help migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea.

After investing their savings - 130,000 euros - the two pilots intend to carry out search operations to detect migrant ships off Libya that are in danger.

''It is urgent to assist NGO ships by spotting dinghies and reporting to the MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre), the official Italian body that manages rescue operations at sea'', said José Benavente, quoted by Le Monde, which wrote an article on the initiative.

Benavente, 49, and Micolon, 35, left France last Saturday to reach Malta, from where they will start their first recognition flight on Wednesday.

Their ambition is to become ''the eyes'' of the Mediterranean, the report said.