Libyan Foreign Minister to Asharq Al-Awsat: Foreign Interventions Undermine Stability

April 16, 2018

Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala affirmed the presence of a draft by Arab leaders gathered in Saudi Arabia to support the political solution in Libya, noting that the foreign interventions are responsible for undermining stability in Libya.

Sayala stated to Asharq Al-Awsat that there is a draft about steps that back the political solution in Libya, with emphasis on adopting Niger statement on imposing security in the Libyan south, especially that the security condition has dangerous consequences and can nourish terrorist operations. He added that the number one cause undermining stability in Libya is foreign interventions, noting that the south security is jeopardized.

For this reason, a meeting was held on April 3 in Niamey with border countries: Niger, Chad and Sudan. Also, an agreement was reached to hold a meeting for experts in Chad mid of May to prepare for an agreement in Khartoum and a meeting for the Arab African group in the Arab League end of this month.

Niamey meeting contributed to alleviating terrorist operation that are occurring in Libya currently – the meeting was attended by ministers of interior, foreign affairs, defense, chiefs of staff and intelligence directors in Libya, Niger, Sudan and Chad. In a joint statement, they affirmed that the unstable condition in the south of Libya makes it obligatory to countries to impose more attention in regard to security along the joint border line.

Regarding the date of the Libyan-Libyan meeting, Sayala stated that discussions are ongoing with United Nations special envoy to Libya Ghassan Salameh who called for the meeting.

Discussions are tackling the plan of work to accelerate political solution with all Libyan parties to resume the unconditional dialogue for Libya’s best interest. Sayala underpinned that the future of Libya is in the hand of Libyan parties and every citizen.